What Is is your first stop for train tickets. It’s the best site to go to for saving your travel dollars from expensive train tickets. You have more important things to spend your travelling money on than train tickets.

Trainline UK was set up in 1999, and it has been going strong for 15 years. Their goal is to offer their customers the chance to get excellent savings on their train tickets. They also work with several partners to give you savings on theatre tickets, hotels, and car hire.

The numbers are impressive, for sure. has access to more than 293 million journey and fare combinations, covering every conceivable route. That’s almost 300 million journey and fare combinations: Why would you go anywhere else?

Since its inception in 1999, the has sold to more than six million travelers, and it has garnered more than 12 million registered accounts.

Consumer Services & Tools can help you save big on train tickets.

  • You can save a lot of money on train tickets compared to when you purchase on the same day. What’s better is that some savings are available up to midnight the day before.
  • If you have a little flexibility about when you travel, then thetrainline Best Fare Finder tool can help you find the least expensive tickets.
  • With the highly rated free mobile app, you can now purchase and save on train tickets wherever and whenever. There are some routes where you can get your ticket sent straight to your phone. How cool is that?
  • The Ticket Alert feature will give you information as soon as your tickets go on sale for a certain date so you will have the optimal chance of getting the best travel deals.
  • You can view information in real-time about the station and see train times immediately with the quick train times website tool.
The company also offers you several ways to get your tickets, including the following:

  • Self Service ticket machines offer a convenient way to get your tickets
  • Print your tickets off at home from your home printer (Only some tickets/routes)
  • Get mobile tickets delivered straight to your phone (Only some tickets/routes/apps)
  • Get delivery of tickets by mail
  • View bookings that you make on the website on your cell phone, which gives you full access to the journey details wherever you happen to be.
For customers who live outside of the UK, the company can help you think through your journeys and plan them accordingly. It is easy to figure out which train tickets to book for travel in Europe when you have a friendly assistant helping you. You can begin to play your European rail journey right now.

Business Services & Products

Whatever kind of organization or business you are, Train Line can help you save cash. They also offer tools that let you monitor and control your rail allotment. They offer both account-managed and self-service services for all requirements, offering the following:

  • On-site ticketing, call centre, and website solutions for both everyday business travel and seasonal tickets.
  • Offline and online rail booking and fulfillment services.
  • Rail systems and content integration for third-party Itnernet-based booking systems and tools like KDS, Traveldoo, and GetThere.

Final Words

Cheap train tickets are just a few clicks away when you visit You can use the handy search tool on the left side of the site to get train times and tickets. Just enter where you’re coming from, going to, the rest of the pertinent details, and click “get times & tickets”.